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What To Expect As A Thrive Academy Member

Thrive Academy is a program designed to help you to unlock your potential, elevate your health and wellbeing, optimize your performance, and to maximize your personal and professional success. The program workshops will lead you through key knowledge, habits and skills that will empower you to implement positive and powerful changes into you life. Some of the key themes that Thrive Academy will guide you through are listed below.

Meaning & Purpose

Connecting to something that matters, having clarity and direction.

Health & Fitness

Taking steps to ensure optimal body function and capability.

Mindset & Emotions

Harnessing the power of your thoughts, mindset and emotions.


Building a network of positive, meaningful relationships.

Knowledge & Skills

Continual growth and application of your knowledge and skills.

Balance & Self-Management

Valuing the power of balance, time management, productivity, and more.


Awareness of the power of environments and surroundings.

Finances & Assets

Habits that create growth, security, and opportunity.

Monthly Live Virtual Coaching Webinars

On the last Thursday of every month you'll be invited to a 'members only' Live Coaching Webinar with Q&A.

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Each webinar, you will also receive PDF session notes, worksheets and activities to enhance your journey.

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As a member you'll gain access to all previously recorded webinars and their resources.

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You will gain access to the exclusive Thrive Tribe global community of people pursuing their best.

Courses, Products, and Resources.

Members receive exclusive bonuses, discounts and access to special offers.

Special Offers & Bonuses

Members receive exclusive bonuses, discounts and access to special offers.

Your membership helps to change lives around the world!

The world we live in has a powerful impact on our wellbeing and our ability to thrive. It is understanding this that makes it important for us to have a positive impact on the world we live in.

I strongly believe that the world can experience meaningful and lasting positive change by valuing, investing in, educating, and empowering wellbeing on a global scale. 

That's why I have committed to donating 10% of revenue from all online programs and Thrive Academy memberships to non-profits that focus on improving the wellbeing of those who are less fortunate, or environmental sustainability.

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