Build client loyalty by helping them to thrive.

We will work with you and your team to boost the positive outcomes of your clients by helping them thrive with our Applied Thriving™ framework.

Give your wellness services a boost.

You're in the wellness industry because you have a passion and the skills to help others improve their quality of life. So are we. We have found that the best way to build a clientele that are loyal and will refer your services to others is by going beyond what is reasonably expected from your services. 

Let's say you are a Personal Trainer, people come to your to get in shape, lose weight, gain muscle, feel good, etc. Now imagine that they walked away from your services with the tools and mindset to be healthy, happy and successful throughout other areas of their life. Your services are now more powerful than ever, ensuring that your clients keep returning and encouraging them to talk about their awesome experiences with other potential clients.

How we can help.

We understand that the pathway to thriving is through the active pursuit of optimal well-being. Luckily we are expert in well-being and help countless people create meaningful and sustainable relationships with their own state of well-being, elevating them toward their thriving potential.

We use our Applied Thriving™ framework to meet you in your unique state of well-being, on your unique journey, and develop a meaningful and sustainable strategy for optimizing your well-being and developing habits of thriving.


When you become part of 'Team Thrive' you will be joining a community of wellness professionals that have made the choice to help their clients to get more out of life, understanding that well-being is multi-dimensional. Some of the benefits that you will experience by joining include:

  • Greater client satisfaction.

  • Improved successful outcomes for clients and your business.

  • Increases in client referrals, acquisition and retention.

  • Higher employee satisfaction.

  • Enhanced revenue growth opportunities.

  • and more...

Cost & Details

All of our services are designed specifically to clients needs.

Get in touch and we can provide you with further details and price.