Ian Anderson

Founder & C.E.O of Zoetic Well-being

Well-being and Human Performance Expert

Coach, Educator, Speaker, Consultant

Ian Anderson is well-being and human performance expert from Melbourne, Australia, now residing in the Greater Seattle area, USA.

Ian developed his awareness, appreciation and interest in health and well-being in his youth as an accomplished athlete in both basketball and swimming. As a teenage he was selected to represent his state in both sports at the National Christian Schools Championships. In basketball he went on to lead his team to win the National Championship while personally being awarded Championship MVP and selected as a member of the All-Star 5. In the pool Ian walked away with two bronze medals.

To achieve this level of performance, Ian credits his parents for guiding and nurturing his health and well-being habits from a young age, in addition to the endless hours of taking him to training and competitions. This awareness of how health and well-being directly impact human performance ignited a passion in Ian to be able to help others apply this to their own lives.

Ian went on to study Physical Education and Psychology at RMIT University, where upon graduation he continued in the education field, eventually joining the faculty at one of Melbourne’s leading private high schools, Ivanhoe Grammar School. During his time at Ivanhoe Grammar School, Ian was appointed as Positive Psychology Key Change Agent, Head of Faculty (Faith, Ethics & Attitudes), Well-being Coordinator and House Coordinator, as well as being the teacher-in-charge on numerous volunteer and international programs. During this time, Ian was fortunate enough to work with Lea Water AM, PhD who helped to broaden and consolidate Ian’s understanding of the importance and diverse impact of well-being in individuals and organizations.

Ian left Ivanhoe Grammar School and the shores of Australia to follow his heart to Seattle. Initially, he worked for The Mosaic Company, a workforce performance consulting firm, traveling to the corners of continental USA to help clients optimize their workforce performance through training and learning optimization.

In 2017 Ian founded Zoetic Well-being after realizing that he was unable to truly utilize his passion, knowledge and skills to their potential at The Mosaic Company and has since been working with individuals, teams and organizations to optimize their well-being and human performance, helping them to develop lifestyles, habits and cultures of thriving. Since founding Zoetic, Ian has worked with the Whirlpool Corporation, Adanu (Ghana), Specialty Appliance, Fairwood Golf & Country Club and numerous other organizations, both large and small, to optimize their well-being, culture and potential to thrive. Since founding Zoetic, Ian has also gained certification as an Exercise Therapist in The Science of Well-being from Yale University.

His approach to human well-being and performance is shaped by his unique combination of experiences in both Australia and the USA. He utilizes a combined methodology from Positive Psychology and Sport Psychology principles, in addition to his in-depth understanding of the human body, whole-person well-being, and business acumen.

“The pathway to self-optimization is through well-being optimization, that is as true for communities, teams and enterprises as it is for individuals.”

– Ian Anderson

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