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Welcome to Zoetic! 

We provide well-being and human performance coaching services for individuals, groups, and teams. Our process focuses on unlocking your potential to be your best self, allowing you to live a life of thriving.


"There are 3 basic truths. We all have untapped potential, we all want to be healthier, happier and more successful, and we all want to live a life that matters. Zoetic facilitates and empowers that journey."

- Ian Anderson

Welcome to Zoetic!

Zoetic means vitality or to live life in abundance.

Through my experiences an athlete, educator, consultant, trainer and coach, I have discovered three basic truths:

  • We all have untapped potential that we wish we could access

  • We all wish we could be healthier, happier and/or more successful

  • We all want to live our best life, a life that matters.

In 2017, I founded Zoetic to empower people like you to unlock their potential, to optimize health and happiness, and to drive personal and professional success.


Since then, as a coach and consultant I have been able to support thousands of people across 5 continents to make positive, meaningful and sustainable change in their lives, empowering their pursuit of self-optimization. 

If you connect with one, two, or all three of these basic truths, I would love to help you transform your life into a life of thriving. I look forward to connecting with you and supporting you on your journey.

Ian Anderson - Founder & Coach

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My experience &


We are all athletes of life. I mean that in how we approach life. We all have different goals, abilities, interests and circumstances, but the pathway to being our best and living our best life is similar to how athletes approach their sport. There is a need for preparation, learning and conditioning, time for challenge and growth, time for recovery and reflection, and a time for rest. Also similar to athletes, most of us will experience setbacks or moments of defeat. 

As your coach, my job is to listen, challenge, offer expert perspective, provide meaningful feedback, and guide you down a pathway toward your goals. To inspire, empower and encourage you to become your best self - optimizing your health, happiness and success.

My Experience:

As a coach I have thousands of people worldwide as individuals, athletes, and through consulting engagements with global companies including: The Whirlpool Corporation, Appen, YMCA, Adanu and more.

My Qualifications include:

B.App.Sc (Physical Education & Psychology)

Positive Psychology Specialist

CMPT - Certified Master Personal Trainer

CHC - Certified Health Coach

CET - Certified Exercise Therapist

CPC - Certified Professional Coach

CLC - Certified Life Coach

CHPC - Certified High Performance Coach

I provide coaching to boost your...


Overall Well-being

Physical Health & Fitness


Body Composition


Habit Development/Change

Athletic Performance




Time Management


Leadership Development

Team Building

Communication Skills




Emotional Regulation



Stress Management

Confidence / Self-Esteem





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Do you want to get more out of life? Do you want to experience your full potential for health, happiness and success?

It comes down to your ability to optimize your well-being, performance, mindset, resilience, and connection. When you master those, your life will change forever.

Let Ian Anderson coach train and mentor you to be your best, and start getting more out of life.

Business Team


How do the world's best teams continue to perform at the highest standard over and over again? They invest in their people, and ensure that they can function optimally.


As a consultant, workshop facilitator and keynote speaker I have worked with schools, non-profits, athletes, and multi-national corporations to unlock potential, optimize performance, and maximize positive outcomes for the organization, team and individuals within it.

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Coach Growth

Are you a personal, professional or sports coach? Are you starting your own coaching business or looking to further enhance your existing practice?

I work with coaches just like you to launch, grow and boost their coaching practice toward greater success. As your coach I will be the best parts of your business partner without taking any equity. Together, your business will begin to flourish and your clients begin to thrive.

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The Let's Thrive Show

Ian is on the continual pursuit for optimal health, happiness and success. Join this journey to explore the depths of human performance, well-being and what it means to thrive. Hear interviews with people who have overcome extraordinary challenges, been on incredible adventures, and pursued a life of purpose.

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Resources, Tools & Tips

Interested in a self-guided journey for optimal well-being and performance?

Check out our amazing free resources that are designed to inform, empower and support you as you seek to get more out of life.

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Join the online community of people who, like you, are continually pursuing their best life. Join the conversation, share your journey, be part of online events and be the first to hear about live Zoetic events.

What people say


"Ian is a truly gifted person. I have had the fortune of working with him in both a 1:1 and group setting and words cannot do justice to the changes I have experienced since my first session."

-  Kathy. W.



"Ian helped us to create a thriving workplace culture. They conducted an audit, then helped us to develop a strategy and supported us through the implementation of our new direction."

-  Jolene. P.

(HR Director, USA)


"Zoetic courses have helped me to improve my health, my relationships, my productivity, management my stress, and more. Thanks Zoetic."

-  John. B.



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