In well-being we thrive.

We help people and organizations to optimize their potential and truly thrive.

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We have a wide range of virtual well-being services to help keep your workforce healthy, engaged, productive and social.

"I feel fortunate to have  a passion for well-being that has allowed me to learn from and work alongside some of the world's leading  well-being educators,  researchers  and thought-leaders. Bringing all of this expertise together, I utilize a framework that leads to greater health, happiness and success. I founded Zoetic on this framework to be able to help people and organizations to optimize their potential and truly thrive."

Ian Anderson

Founder & CEO of Zoetic


About Us

We are a wellness company with a mission to empower people and organizations to discover the power of well-being. We operate with the philosophy that humans can only reach full potential and truly thrive when we nurture and optimize our well-being. Similarly, the ability for an organization to thrive is dependent on the well-being of their people. It is with this in mind that we use a framework that can be applied to individuals, teams, communities and organizations alike. Our success is realized when we help our clients achieve meaningful and sustainable results.


What we do

It's simple, we help people thrive. We understand that in order to reach our potential, if we truly want to thrive, we need to optimize our state of well-being. In other words, our state of well-being directly impacts our ability to reach our potential. Not only is this true for you as an individual, it continues to be true for businesses, schools, universities and global enterprises. The premise remains, that for communities and organizations to thrive to their full potential, this includes financially, their success is limited by the state of well-being of the entity as a whole and of the people within it.

We will help you identify the areas for improvement and develop a strategy to optimize well-being and human performance in a meaningful and sustainable way. 

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Applied Thriving™ Solutions

Experience the difference the difference that Applied Thriving™ can have on your life and the lives of those around you. Check out our range of solutions to help you, your team or your organization to thrive.

A Lifestyle of Thriving

For people looking to get more out of life and discover their full potential through optimal well-being

Team Thrive

For Wellness Professionals who want to ensure their clients are getting the most out of their well-being journey.

Thriving Futures

For schools and businesses who want to optimize successful outcomes for their people and organization.

A Culture of Thriving

For schools and businesses who want to optimize successful outcomes for their people and organization.

Thriving Leaders

For schools and businesses who want to optimize successful outcomes for their people and organization.

Comprehensive Well-being & Performance Solutions

Training | Coaching | Consulting | Workshops | Speaking

What people are saying...

"We had been having some challenges with our company culture so we connected with Ian at Zoetic through a colleague. He helped us realize that many of the challenges we were facing were related to the well-being of our people which impacted the well-being of our company. Now he is supporting us through cultural transition."

Meet Ian

Ian Anderson

With over 15 years of experience in the wellness industry as an educator, coach, trainer, exercise therapist and consultant, Ian brings a wealth of experience and expertise to each client and their needs. 

He has a proven track record for helping people, teams and organizations to optimize their well-being, realize their potential and create habits that lead to thriving.

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