Health & Life Coaching

Available online or in-person at Triton Towers and Fairwood Golf & Country Club

Health/Life Coaching
From $65 per session
Tuesday - Saturday by appointment only.
Cancellation policy - 24 hours prior to appointment.
Why Health Coaching?

Zoetic Health Coaching uses an 8 pillar model to help you achieve health, happiness and success in a sustainable way. Your coach will help you to define your goals with regards to health, fitness, and other key areas of your life before helping you to design and implement a program that will help you to achieve success. Your coach will keep you accountable and help you to develop a healthy relationship between your physical, psychological and emotional self.

Some focus areas include:

  • Nutrition

  • Eating abnormalities

  • Family health

  • Exercise

  • Mindfulness

  • Behavior modification

  • Special diets (elite athletes, diabetes, heart disease, weight challenges, etc)

  • Optimal health for your lifestyle

  • Personal training and program development

  • and more

Why Life Coaching?

The Zoetic Life Coaching Program is suitable for high school and college students, and adults of all ages. Your coach will help you to define your personal and professional goals, design effective strategies to achieve success, overcome obstacles, guide you through behavior modification and personal growth, while keeping you accountable. Your coach will help you to take control of your future plans and create a healthy, successful life that you love. 

Some focus areas include:

  • Finding meaning and purpose

  • Work/life balance

  • Happiness

  • Lifestyle design

  • Advancing your career

  • Building confidence

  • Developing leadership skills

  • Goal setting

  • Success strategies

  • Behavior modification

  • Improving personal and professional relationships

  • Maximizing your potential

  • Decision making skills

  • Optimal Health

  • and more.


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