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College Thrive Coaching



Personalized support, guidance, and accountability to maximize successful outcomes.
We take the stress out of the college experience and help students to be their best.


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Helping students succeed in College and Life.


College can be overwhelming, and each student will have a different experience.

Many students battle with excessive stress, anxiety, depression, feeling homesick, personal identity, body image, workload, time management, focus, finances, social dynamic, managing school/work/life balance, life management, and more.

It is these challenges that lead to over one million students drop out of college each year and up to 73% of students report experience some sort of mental health crisis, including depression or anxiety during college.

Many of these statistics are avoidable with effective support and guidance.

College Thrive Coaching provides regular support, guidance and accountability that helps students to develop the knowledge, skills and habits that will empower their college experience and become resilient, focused, confident, healthy, and successful young adults.

College is more than job preparation,
it's life preparation!

Some of our major focus areas

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