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Group coaching is a more affordable way to get an immersive personal growth experience. Each group coaching session focuses on helping you overcome challenges, create healthy habits, and unlock your potential to thrive.

Goal specific community

Your circumstances might be unique but many of us experience the same challenges. This is where group coaching can be a great option for you. 

As I coach groups on a particular goal-related theme, such as stress management, I will build guide you and other group members toward an intimate understanding of the theme accompanied by practical tips, strategies, and a process for implementing them into your life for maximum impact.

"We're all different, but many of us experience the same challenges."

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Getting started is simple.

Request to join a group.

Click the button below and share your goals in an email.

I'll provide you with details for the groups that meet your needs.

You let me know which works best for you in terms of timing, I'll add you to the group.

Begin your journey. 

During your first group session I will introduce you to the group. During the session there will be opportunities to ask questions and at times I will ask for feedback on how the content relates to you. Then we begin thriving together.

Current group coaching themes


Overall Well-being

Weight Loss / Management


Habit Development/Change


Building Resilience

Stress Management

Building Confidence

Mindset Conditioning


Productivity / Motivation

Leadership Development

Team Building

Communication Skills

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