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6 Ways To Become Your Best In 2022

health mindfulness mindset mission performance perspective purpose success wellbeing Feb 05, 2022

It can often feel overwhelming trying to look your best, feel your best, function at your best, and strive for success. Here are 6 key strategies that I have found to be successful for myself and my coaching clients.

I know it has been a challenging time for many, and perhaps self-improvement feels unattainable at this time, but I want to encourage your to shift that mindset. Often when we experience challenge and hardship, nothing changes until we are able to shift our mindset, the way that we think, and our perspective. 

We all go through seasons. Seasons of success, challenge, prosperity, struggle, loss, gain, and any number of other circumstances that come our way. Whether you feel like you are going through a challenging season right now, or maybe you're doing ok but not your best, these 6 strategies will help you to elevate in 2022.

1. Adopt A Growth Mindset

The first strategy to creating meaningful change, to improving your life, and to pursuing your best is to adopt a growth mindset. In other words, if you want to see and experience change you must first believe that change is possible. 

If this is challenging for you, or if you are going through a season that seems to have no end, I want to remind you that if a season can start, a season can end. If you lose a job, it proves you were once able to gain a job; if you can lose money it proves you were able to make money previously; if you lose fitness or gain weight it proves that your body is capable of being healthier than it is now. 

To get out of this season, you must decide that you want change, be willing to work for change, and believe that change is possible. Believing that change is possible is the essence of a Growth Mindset.

You must search within in you, look to your strengths, look at your limitations, and choose to pursue your potential and capabilities.

2. Connect With Meaning And Purpose

The second strategy that is going to help you to elevate in 2022 is connecting to meaning and purpose.

Connecting to a sense of meaning and purpose is a significant challenge for most people, but it is incredibly powerful for those who can.

When we find meaning and purpose in some aspect of our lives - family, religion, work, your children, helping others, etc. - it can help us to gain clarity and direction for every other aspect of our lives. It becomes our primary focus, our highest motivator, and it guides us through adversity.

What's interesting is that most people find the strongest sense of meaning and purpose from endeavors that have a positive, uplifting, life-improving, or legacy impact on the world or community around them.

So to break that down, people find the greatest meaning and purpose in pursuing endeavors with long-lasting positively impacting the lives of others, or the world around them.

Where do you find a sense of meaning and purpose in your life?

Perhaps you're in a seemingly mundane job. If this is the case, sometimes it helps to focus on your role within the larger picture, sometimes it helps to find a meaningful hobby or focus on family, some people live a missionary life and are guided by their beliefs, and some people realize they need to reassess their priorities.

Once you find it, once you connect, it can help to provide clarity, perspective and direction to nearly every other major aspect of your life which can help you to systematically and strategically take steps toward your best-self.

3. Develop Mindfulness

I know, mindfulness is all the rage at the moment. Everywhere you look there are articles or blog posts about the benefits of mindfulness - but they're not wrong.

Developing a skill of mindfulness and implementing it often can be extremely powerful. However, I don't just meaning sitting still with your eyes closed listening to a guided meditation, I mean being truly mindful.

The core of mindfulness is present focus and intention. A guided meditation or mindfulness track encourage you to avoid distractions and often focus on one thing at a time, such as your breathing.

But mindfulness is powerful beyond the silence. Mindful exercise, mindful eating, mindful communication, mindful listening, mindful spending, mindful work, the list goes on.

Being mindful is essentially removing distraction, turning all of your focus to one particular task/thing, and being very intentional and 'in the moment'.

This practice will improve your clarity, focus, productivity, efficiency, results, relationships, energy, and more.

Be in the moment, be intentional, focus on one thing at a time.

4. Implement Thriving Habits

Thriving habits are things that should be included as part of our daily routines because they have been proved to help optimize our health, happiness, performance and success. Some of these habits include:

  • Daily exercise for 20 minutes or more
  • Expressing gratitude - to others and/or in a journal
  • Eating smaller portions more often
  • Drinking water when you wake, as well as before and after each meal
  • Having a bedtime that allows for 7+ hours of sleep
  • Practicing mindfulness
  • Eating a wide range of fresh whole foods
  • Create and stick to a budget that includes a savings strategy
  • Learn/Practice/Teach a new skill or piece of knowledge daily

Practicing these habits takes a lot less time than you might realize and the impact that they will have on your life is exponentially greater.

5. Strive For Balance

We all have so much going on, sometimes balance sounds like something only seen in a circus act, but perhaps the lack of balance is the cause of your adversity and challenge.

Contrary to popular belief that would make us believe we should only focus on what we are good at, when it comes to your life and your ability to thrive, nobody is going to help you pick up the pieces you neglect. These pieces that we overlook or avoid tend to be the pieces that hold us back from being all that we can be.

It is vital to seek balance across every major area of your life, ensuring that they all get the attention they need. That isn't to say that they all require the same amount of attention but they do all need your attention and intention. 

You need to develop a positive relationship with each aspect of your life - physical, emotional, social, intellectual, occupational, environmental, financial, spiritual. When you avoid or neglect any of these parts of your life they will stunt your ability to grow, or worse, cause decline.

6. Be Consistent

You've heard it before, consistency is key.

Don't expect change to happen overnight, or in a week, possibly not even in a month. Your ability to remain consistent is vital to your ability to succeed. 

Remember that even a marathon is simply the accumulation of many steps. A step by itself is nothing special but to complete a marathon is a impressive feat and something that should be celebrated. 

The difference between those who can complete a marathon and those who can't is the consistent commitment to challenge themselves, to persevere through adversity, to do what others aren't willing to do, and to string together enough individual steps to accomplish their goal.

In Summary

You have what it takes to be heathy, to be happy, to perform better, to pursue your potential, and to achieve success. 

Now it's your turn to begin thriving in 2022!

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