Hi, I'm Ian Anderson.


After more than 10 years as an athlete, trainer, educator, consultant, and coach, I have discovered 3 basic truths:
  • We all have untapped potential that we wish we could access
  • We all wish we could be healthier, happier and/or more successful
  • We all want to live our best life, a life that matters
Above all else, our ability to achieve these is most dramatically influenced by our state of wellbeing.
It is for that reason that I started Zoetic, a company that is dedicated to helping others to unlock their potential to live a life of thriving.  
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"There are 3 basic truths. We all have untapped potential, we all want to be healthier, happier and more successful, and we all want to live a life that matters. Zoetic facilitates and empowers that journey."


- Ian Anderson

My experiences & qualifications

We are all athletes of life. I mean that in how we approach life. We all have different goals, abilities, interests and circumstances, but the pathway to being our best and living our best life is similar to how athletes approach their sport. There is a need for preparation, learning and conditioning, time for challenge and growth, time for recovery and reflection, and a time for rest. Also similar to athletes, most of us will experience setbacks or moments of defeat. 

As your coach, my job is to listen, challenge, offer expert perspective, provide meaningful feedback, and guide you down a pathway toward your goals. I am here to inspire, empower and encourage you to become your best self - optimizing your health, happiness, performance and success.

My Global Experience:

As a coach I have thousands of people worldwide as individuals, athletes, and through consulting engagements with global companies including: The Whirlpool Corporation, Appen, YMCA, Adanu and more.

My Qualifications:

  • B.App.Sc (Physical Education & Psychology)
  • Positive Psychology Specialist
  • Human Performance Specialist
  • CMPT - Certified Master Personal Trainer
  • CHC - Certified Health Coach
  • CET - Certified Exercise Therapist
  • CPC - Certified Professional Coach
  • CLC - Certified Life Coach

About Zoetic 

Zoetic means vitality, or to live life in abundance.


I founded Zoetic to empower people like you to unlock their potential, to optimize health and happiness, and to drive personal and professional success.

Since then, I have been able to support thousands of people across 5 continents to make positive, meaningful and sustainable change in their lives, empowering their pursuit of self-optimization and fulfillment. 

I have witnessed how pursuing our best encourages others to do the same, so as we commit to personal growth, we encourage others to do the same, creating a movement that has a lasting impact on the world. With this in mind, I have committed to donate % from all online programs and memberships to improving the wellbeing of those less fortunate and environmental conservation efforts in your country of purchase.

Zoetic is for everyone, because we all have the potential to experience greater health, happiness, performance, and success. We all have the potential to thrive, and I am here to support and guide you along your journey.

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