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Welcome to Zoetic!

Coaching & Training Services That Optimize Your
Health, Happiness, Performance, and Success.

Why coaching?  

Coaching is a personalized, structured, practical, and focused support solution for your challenges. We help you to identify and build upon your strengths, while minimizing your limitations to overcome the obstacles that prevent you from moving forward or being your best. It is about getting the right support, guidance and accountability, helping you to define and set strategic goals, and providing you the right tools and skills to empower your momentum, motivation, growth, success and fulfilment you desire and deserve.

Zoetic Well-being & Human Performance
- for all your coaching needs!


We are the ultimate coaching organization with over 10 years of success. Our highly qualified, experienced coaches offer a wide range of specializations and services. We have the expertise to help YOU, or your team/organization, to unlock hidden potential that will allow you to elevate, optimize and maximize your best.

When you choose Zoetic for your coaching needs, you get the best in the business, with an industry leading, research-driven approach. We pride ourselves on helping you achieve positive and meaningful results that are sustainable over time.

Our coaching specializations include:
  • Health & Well-being

  • Life

  • Student

  • Career

  • Executive

  • Fitness & Nutrition

  • Habit Transformation

  • Mindset & Mental Performance

  • High Performance

  • Veteran Transition


"There are 3 basic truths:

  1. We all have untapped potential,

  2. We all want to be healthier, happier and/or more successful, and

  3. We all want to live a life that matters.


Zoetic facilitates and empowers that journey."

- Ian Anderson

Coach & Founder

Service Options

Working on the laptop

Want to thrive at your own pace? No problem. These online programs, courses, and products will guide and support you on your journey.

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Become a Member

Subscribe and save 20% on coaching services or online programs. No contract, cancel any time.


If you're wanting to transform your life, unlock your potential and begin thriving, it's time to get coaching.

Happy Woman

Boost your coaching practice with tailored support and guidance that will help you to get more clients and ensure positive outcomes.

Business Team


Boost the well-being, culture and engagement of your team or organization with a workshop or keynote from an expert well-being and human performance specialist.

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Resources, Tools & Tips

Check out our amazing free resources that are designed to inform, empower and support you as you seek to get more out of life.

Benefits of working with us...


Zoetic operates with the belief that as humans, our ability to perform our best and experience success, personally or professionally, is largely dependent on our state of well-being. So when you choose to work with us, know that we are committed to helping you achieve your goals and desired outcomes, while simultaneously helping you to improve other important areas of your life that will impact your ability to sustain your best-self.

Some of the key areas that coaching can help you include:

Meaning & Purpose

Connecting to something that matters, having clarity and direction.

Mindset & Emotions

Harnessing the power of your thoughts, mindset and emotions.

Health & Fitness

Taking steps to ensure optimal body function and capability. 


Building a network of positive, meaningful relationships.

Knowledge & Skills

Continual growth and application of your knowledge and skills.

Finances & Assets

Habits that create growth, security, and opportunity.

Balance & Self- Management

Valuing the power of balance, time management, productivity, and more.


Awareness of the power of environments and surroundings

We've been featured in...

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What people say


"Ian is a truly gifted person. I have had the fortune of working with him in both a 1:1 and group setting and words cannot do justice to the changes I have experienced since my first session."

-  Kathy. W.



"Ian helped us to create a thriving workplace culture. They conducted an audit, then helped us to develop a strategy and supported us through the implementation of our new direction."

-  Jolene. P.

(HR Director, USA)


"Zoetic courses have helped me to improve my health, my relationships, my productivity, management my stress, and more. Thanks Zoetic."

-  John. B.


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