In well-being we thrive.

We help people and organizations to optimize their potential and truly thrive - elevating well-being, performance, culture and experience.

Virtual & in-person well-being solutions

to optimize health, happiness and performance

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Proudly supporting people and organizations world-wide.

- from start-ups, nonprofits and schools, to publicly traded and Fortune 500s.

Comprehensive Well-being &

Human Performance Solutions

Virtual & on-site solutions that empower your people and propel positive outcomes.

Well-being Benchmarking

Culture Transformation

Team & Leadership Development

Health & Wellness Coaching

Wellness Events

Wellness Space Creation

Classes, Talks & Workshops

Customized Annual Programs

and more.

Why we are different.

Our unique approach to thriving focuses on elevating and optimizing health, happiness and positive performance outcomes, not just preventing or fixing problems.

Zoetic For Your Business

Organizations all around the world use Zoetic services to...

...create an organization that thrives by optimizing the human elements of business...

● Well-being

● Positive Culture

● Leadership

● Resilience 

● Training 

● Teamwork


● Learning & Development 

● Engagement

● Productivity 

● Inclusion & Diversity 

● Brand Reputation

● Talent Acquisition 

● Talent Retention 

...and minimize the cost and risk associated with...

● Absenteeism

● Workplace Injury

● Burnout

● Toxic Culture

● Turnover

● Mental Health Issues

● Physical Health Concerns

● Stress & Anxiety

● Poor Communication

● Hostile Leadership

● Inefficiency

● Unengaged Workforce


Elevate Academic Outcomes

Build a Positive Learning Culture

Boost Personal Development

Develop Resilience

Cultivate Strengths

Harness Motivation & Focus

Optimize Athletic Performance

Attract & Retain Top Faculty

and more.


Zoetic For Your School or University

Schools and Universities use Zoetic services to...

Discover how well-being can unleash the potential of academic communities, allowing students, faculty and the institution to thrive into the future.

Let us handle it!

Your Global Well-being & Human Performance Provider

Let us take care of all of your well-being and human performance needs. Our specialists do this every day, helping you and your organization to optimize levels of health, happiness, performance outcomes and create a positive culture that truly thrives. This allows your people to focus more on their tasks and utilize their expertise while we make sure that the well-being, culture and employee experience flourish.

Organizations we have worked with report:

Driving Positive Business Outcomes Throu

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